Advertising Opportunities

Event Booklets


With an estimated distribution quantity of more than 20,000 copies, ECFair 2011 exhibitors would get the opportunity to advertise on the Event Booklet based on the following price scheme.

Package Rates
B/W Half Page + On-Map Indicator RM 400.00
B/W Full Page + On-Map Indicator RM 650.00
F/C Full Page + On-Map Indicator RM 1,000.00

2 Responses to Advertising Opportunities

  1. Edwin lim says:

    we would like to know the advertise detail.

    did the charge include design fees? and did the column we did have the right to combine few more website as well?

    hear you very soon


    • admin says:

      Hi Edwin, the advertising package does not include design fees. The design will be provided by your end and we’ll insert it into the booklet layout. May we know what do you mean by including more websites?
      Perhaps you can drop us an email at and we’ll discuss further over there.

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