What’s Happening at the Lelong.my E-Commerce Fair

Activities @ Main Stage


Activities @ Function Room B

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  1. kylie says:

    Q1:Can i know when the superbid start, is it just only member of superbid can bid the item on that day?
    Q2:Only walk in to mid valley can know what item can bid?


    • admin says:

      Dear Kylie, we have recently uploaded the itinerary here: http://lelong.my/ecfair and all the SuperBid sessions are clearly marked along with the timing :) And no, SuperBid is open to ALL so all you need to do is to be there when it starts to start bidding!
      As for Q2, we are in the midst of finalizing the bidding items as we do not want to announce items that would be changed last minute. As soon as we have that sorted out, we’ll definitely put it up for all to see as we’re very excited as well! See you at the event, Kylie!

  2. YP says:

    Is all the activities at Main Stage and Function Room B open to all or pre-registered members only?

    • admin says:

      Hi YP, glad you asked. The activities are open to public and no pre-registration is required (for now). There will however, be limited seats so be there early to grab better seats! :D

  3. zue says:

    I want to ask, during the fair will there be booth selling products? eg. DSLR camera, pc.

    • admin says:

      Hi Zue, yes, the booths will be selling a wide range of products! If you check out the floor plan, each hall will be selling a different range of items so be sure to check them all out!

  4. Jaime says:

    Congrats! All the best and wish this event will be a huge success!

  5. roy says:

    hye.. wanna ask a few question
    q1. is all the item sell at the ecfair in term of “cash & carry”??
    q2. should buyer (me) to register as a member of lelong.my first to place a bid or buy something??


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