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Check Out The Updated Floor Plan!

You’ve heard that right! We have recently updated the event floor plan for the E-Commerce Fair to provide more value to you as our exhibitors by adjusting the walkways for maximum visibility and for the comfort of the visitors that will be coming in to the event.

Register today to secure your desired location at the E-Commerce Fair!

Want to be a Sponsor of the E-Commerce Fair? Here’s How!

Why Be A Sponsor?

1. Premium Location – Sponsors are given the privilege to be positioned at premium locations for maximum onsite visibility! This also means that your location will not be missed by the visitors which increases the probability of promotion and sales.

2. Maximum Exposure – Sponsors are given additional mileage even before the event! You can expect logo placements on all our online promotional tools such as on this event site itself and our Facebook fan page, occasional mentions and special features. Not to forget logo placements across all offline media materials such as newspaper adverts, temporary billboards, lamp post buntings, backdrops and more!

How To Be A Sponsor?

Click here to find out more information on our sponsorship opportunities!

Things You Should Know About’s E-Commerce Fair (Part 3)

“I’m a Consumer – what can I find at the event?”

You’re in for a huge treat! This event will be a gathering of the community in which you’ll be able to meet the store owners in-person AND shop for your favourite items throughout the 3-day event! The items include:

  1. Electronics & Camera
  2. Computers & Accessories
  3. Handphones & Accessories
  4. Car Accessories
  5. Clothes & Accessories
  6. Toys & Games
  7. Home & Garden
  8. Beauty & Wellness
  9. And more!

What are you waiting for? This event is definitely not to be missed! Mark your calendars, alter your plans, change your vacation dates – the E-Commerce Fair is where you want to be this August 12th – 14th!

“I’m a Business Owner – what can I find at the event?”

With some of the top industry leaders present at the E-Commerce Fair, it is a great opportunity to expand your business network! Meet, discuss and explore business opportunities and learn of how E-Commerce can assist your business to maximize its potential!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an avenue to obtain new clients, you may consider participating in this event as an exhibitor, too!

“I’m thinking of starting an online business – what can I find at the event?”

You should not miss this event at any cost! The E-Commerce Fair gathers all the resources you’ll need to get your online business started! You can expect to find web developers, E-Commerce Solution providers, E-Payment gateways and even E-Marketing tools that will be of great value to your business endeavors.

Do You Have A Question?

Leave us a comment below, email us or even call us directly! We’ll be more than happy to get everything sorted out for you :)

Things You Should Know About’s E-Commerce Fair (Part 2)

“Who can participate?”

That’s a very good question. As much as we would love to have every E-Commerce related business and services under the sun, we are bound by space constrains. But having said that, we are still dedicated to feature as many E-Commerce businesses and services as possible ranging from:

  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • E-Marketing
  • E-Payment
  • E-Logistics
  • E-Ticketing
  • E-Portal
  • E-Tailers
  • Online Games

In other words, if your E-Business falls under one of the above categories, you’re more than welcome to participate in this exciting event! If you’re unsure whether your E-Business is appropriate, do give our secretariat a call at: 03-5631 1488 and we’ll be more than happy to sort things out with you.

“Am I too late to register?”

It is not too late, YET (as at 11th May 2011) but booths are definitely running out! The floor plan here is updated from time to time and the red crosses are the number of confirmed participants. Note that since only advertising participants can choose the location of their 2m x 2m booths, there is quite a number of participants that is not visible on the floor plan.

To date we’ve already sold almost 50% of the total booths and the enquiries are still coming in daily. You definitely do not want to wait any longer! Click here for more information.

“How will this event help my business?”

Imagine the exposure for your online business – a crowd of minimum 80,000 visitors throughout the 3-days at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, consisting of business owners, consumers and even future business partners! The E-Commerce Fair will be an event like no other. After all, it is the first of its kind in Malaysia to feature this growing technological phenomenon: E-Commerce.


Leave us a comment below, email us or even call us directly! We’ll be more than happy to get everything sorted out for you :)


Things You Should Know About’s E-Commerce Fair (Part 1)

“What is this event all about?”

The E-Commerce Fair is all about highlighting the E-Commerce community in Malaysia and at the same time to educate the consumers on the convenience, the available platforms / tools and the opportunities available on the Internet. E-Commerce has been around for quite some time but local consumers have generally been skeptical due to security and payment issues. aims to change this perception through this exciting event by bringing E-Commerce businesses from all over the country to right where the consumers are at a strategic location – the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

“Wait… what is this E-Commerce?”

E-Commerce generally refers to buying and selling online via the Internet. Consumers are able to shop for items online through websites and portals (such as and purchase them using e-payment services such as credit cards. E-Commerce is very popular in other countries such as in Singapore, China and the U.S. as it is simple to use and convenient. In fact, a recent report indicated that Malaysians spent RM1.8 billion shopping online in the year 2010!

“Okay, so what’s the big deal?”

This E-Commerce is the first of its kind and the LARGEST in Malaysia. In other words, this event will gather a number of industry leaders at one location ranging from E-Commerce Solutions, E-Payment, E-Tailers, E-Marketing, E-Portals and more!

If you’re a consumer, this event allows you to experience what is it like to buy online by interacting with the various exhibitors in person. You’ll also get to learn of the various E-Commerce tools and platforms that can assist you in shopping online safely and conveniently.

If you’re a business owner, your business will be strategically placed and recognized among the 80,000 visitors we’re expecting! You’ll get to network with fellow industry leaders, expose your brand, educate the consumers and to even close deals with both consumers and businesses!

If you’re thinking of starting an online business, then this event will have all the resources you need! Whether it is web developers, E-Commerce Solution providers, E-Payment gateways or E-Marketing tools – they’ll all be there to assist you in your startup endeavors!

Interested already?

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